Dog lovers know dogs are intelligent animal as they can perform plenty of complex tasks compared to any other animals. However, have you ever seen a dog that can drive a car?

According to (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,SPCA), statistic shows that currently there are about 2 million dogs being sent to shelters all around the world. However, not a lot of them are being adopted. Therefore, an animal shelter management in Oakland, California decided to publicize the dogs by training them how to drive.

To portray the possibility of the dogs driving cars, this animal shelter management prepared a specially modified car for the dogs. They modified the foot pedal and brake so that the dogs’ paws can reach them. And even the steering was redesigned so that the dogs could grip them tight.

And now, the “dog driving school” is open for them! Giny, Monty and Porter became the first batch student of the school.

In the very beginning, they will familiarize themselves with the structure of the car, such as the position of steering, foot pedal and brake. The management hired four expert coaches to train them how to drive once they finished the first stage of familiarization training.

Porter became the first graduate from the dog driving school, and now it can navigate itself with ease. “It might seem impossible for you, but every dog is capable of driving. From the animal psychology and the professional coaching system, we realized that animal adapts to new environment exceptionally fast,” the management said.

Don’t buy dog anymore, adopt an intelligent one from the animal shelter is also an excellent choice!

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