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This clever dog runs a bath for his brother and takes cuteness to the next level!

Owners often like to share the cute things their pets do, but this adorable dog has taken cuteness to the next level.

The clever canine has been filmed running a bath for his furry friend who looks on in delight.

The hilarious video shows golden retriever Chayen carefully holding the hosepipe in his mouth until the small bowl was almost full.

That’s barking mad! Helpful dog runs a bath for his brother.

Golden retriever Chayen (pictured) who lives with his owner in Thailand loves to run a bath with his hosepipe


But in this hilarious video it doesn’t take long for his brother Basil (left) to see an opportunity

But we all have that friend who has to ruin the moment.

Suddenly Chayen’s brother Basil, walks out of the door and puts his paws in the water before plonking his backside down.

The water splurges out of the sides and Chayen looks heartbroken as the hosepipe is pulled from his chops.

Owner Kra Phera, who recorded the clip at his home in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand, said: ‘Chayen is the most helpful dog in the world.

Basil plonks his whole body into the bowl splashing all the water Chayen has just put in out


Chayen looked a bit upset at his wasted efforts but his owner Kra Phera said it is one of his favourite tricks and his brother basil is just a bit more clumsy

‘One of his favourite tricks is to hold the hosepipe in his mouth.

‘But his brother Basil is a bit more clumsy. He walked into the water and just dropped down.

‘He looked very comfy in the bowl though, even though he had pushed out all of the bath water.’

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