Like human beings, animals can feel sad, happy, lonely, and even overjoyed when they meet someone that has been a part of their life once upon a time. We cannot deny that humans and animals have similarities which is why there are so many videos online, reminding us that animals can also feel the emotions that every human has to go through. A video that was aired on PBS in 2000 and is one of the most amazing stories that was ever shared to the world.

The video is about two circus elephants reunited after being apart for over 20 years. They have a remarkable story to share and it caught the attention of many people worldwide. The footage is still all over the internet up to this day, and it never failed to touch the hearts of every viewer and can definitely put tears in your eyes.

Shirley Is Free At Last!

The footage taken by PBS was at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. A rescued circus elephant was brought in named Shirley, and this would be the first time that she gets to be close to another elephant in over two decades. After 14 hours of traveling two states, Shirley arrives at the sanctuary and the press were present to witness this amazing moment. Shirley first met Tara who was the first one to return to the barn. She was the first elephant that Shirley had laid eyes on in over two decades. Everyone was waiting on how she will react but as soon as Tara came closer, Shirley looked at her and extended her trunk to greet Tara, and the two became friends right away.

Solomon, the person who has been caring for Shirley can see that she will be fine at the sanctuary. He’s been dreading to say goodbye, but he knows that she will be in good hands. For the last time, she bathes his old friend. “I think she’s gonna love it, I really do. I will miss her,” Solomon says. “She doesn’t have to wear a chain anymore. When I saw this place, I told her ‘There’d be no more chains’ she’s free now… I dunno who first put a chain on her, but I’m glad I am the last to take it off…” he shared with tears in his eyes.

The Sweet Reunion At Elephant Sanctuary

During that night, Jenny was the last elephant to return to the barn. Trumpets and rumbles echo into the morning and the keepers, Carol and Scott, have never seen a reaction like this before. Shirley and Jenny are too desperate to get closer throughout the night that they managed to bend the steel bars between them. Scott was able to pry open the gate to let Shirley go through. The reunion of these two is by far the sweeter than you can imagine and it was captured on video.

Twenty-five years ago, Shirley and Jenny were together in a circus. Jenny was just an infant when she was brought from Asia and maybe Shirley became her mother at the time that they were together. Both of them are comrades and survivors in a captive world. With Jenny by her side, Shirley will be ready to face her future. It is indeed true that an elephant never forgets.

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