Tama, a crazy cat from Japan, has gone viral for her impressive ninja skills, demonstrated on film purr-fectly without losing one of her nine lives.

It shows Tama getting into all sorts of trouble as she tries to cling to the door frame. By the looks of it, it seems like the feline is preparing for the next season of “Ninja Warrior,” or better yet, she’s training so that she could potentially enter in the 2020 Summer Olympics set for Tokyo.

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Her owner, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to be phased as the cat claws her way to safety, even though Tama can even be heard meowing in the video as she struggles to do her own weird acrobatic-like feat.

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“It looks like she’s discovered a new game,” the user wrote, as translated by SoraNews24.

Social media users posted a variety of comments, from comparing Tama to how a child gets into a trouble to calling out the owner for not helping his cat get to safety:

“She’s got that look of a mischievous child who’s gotten herself into trouble.”

“He’s definitely thinking, ‘You got yourself into this mess, so you get yourself out.’”

“Don’t you hear those distress calls? Why are you still recording the video instead of helping her?”

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In response to the other user’s comments, colt8888vr assured them that Tama got herself into more serious situations in the past that have been scarier than this.

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