In this video, this cat is able to do something that even some humans couldn’t do—watch the full video below!

Louis the cat is good friends with Comet the pony; though these are two animals that aren’t likely to be friends, this video does indeed prove that it’s possible.

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Their friendship is close enough to the point where Louis can ride on the back of Comet as he pleases.

They were brought together by their owner, Emma, and if anything, the animals seem to have a closer bond than either of them do with their owner.

And we see that the cat and horse both enjoy going on walks together. Louis appears to have no problem staying on top of his friend, even without some sort of harness, as Comet knows to go walk slow to make a comfortable experience for his feline friend.

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Comet even helps Louis get across places in which the cat probably wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

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Based on this video, it seems that the bond between the two was meant to be.

Watch to see their friendship.

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