Baby animals are ridiculously adorable.

This is true of almost every species, from dogs to pandas to turtles. But we have to say, out of all the animals in the animal kingdom, goats have some of the cutest babies. If you don’t believe us, check out this video montage of baby goats being cute.

There are tons of great clips in here, and they’re all guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. The kids in this video are learning all about the world, and they’re curious about everything they see. This results in some absolutely adorable moments!

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The video starts off strong by showing a dexterous little goat who loves hopping around his pen.

He has some pretty impressive moves—with a little bit of training, he’ll be ready for the goat Olympics.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Then there’s a short but sweet clip of a baby goat drinking milk from a bottle. When his sibling sees what’s going on, he pops his head out of his box, wanting to get in on the action.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

After that comes two little goats who hop around their pen, showing off their fancy footwork.

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There are also plenty of clips of baby goats making high-pitched ‘baa’ sounds. And there’s also a particularly hilarious scene of a goat jumping from one horse’s back to another.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

We also love the clip of a very calm bull babysitting a bunch of little kids.

The bull simply lays down on the ground and lets the baby goats climb all over him. The goats take advantage of his stillness and walk up and down his back.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

And the last clip…well, the last clip is too adorable for words!

Check out this clip and all of the other great clips in the compilation video below.

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