When a 22-month-old chimp named Limbani arrived at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, he was so sick with pneumonia that he required 24/7 care.

Enter Jorge and Tania Sanchez, a couple who was more than willing to step up and become Limbani’s foster parents. They handled his doctor appointments, administered his medications, and spent every day making sure he had the love and care he needed.

Eventually, Limbani was healthy enough to return to the sanctuary full-time. But every few months, he gets to reunite with Jorge and Tania.

In the video below, the excited couple arrives at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation to pick up Limbani for a sleepover. The baby chimp’s reaction to seeing them is so incredible and heartwarming that it’s gone viral with hundreds of thousands of shares.

Now that Limbani is in the spotlight, Jorge and Tania hope his story will inspire others to love and respect all animals. “People should understand that not only this species but all species that we have are going extinct in the wild, and some people don’t care. People think, ‘Let them go extinct.’ We believe they shouldn’t go extinct. We believe we should give them more attention and more love.”

See Limbani’s tear-jerking reaction to his reunion with the couple who helped raise him.

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