Stray Dog Saves Innocent Woman From Thief.

THIS is the moving moment a stray dog saves a woman from being mugged – by spotting the would-be thief’s intentions and ferociously chasing him away.

In the amazing footage, a woman is forced to the ground by a vicious mugger, before the dog carefully watching the scene runs to her rescue.

The mugger gradually walks closer and closer, until he grabs her from behind and wrestles her to the ground in an attempt to mug her.

What he doesn’t notice though, is the stray dog watching him – whose ears pricked up the second he walked past.

The second the mugger attacks the woman, the dog springs into action, running frantically around the scene and biting at the man’s heels.

The four-legged friend chases the thug, who runs away in seeming terror whilst the dog continues to bark angrily at him.

Incredibly, the dog’s kind actions don’t stop there.

He even looks back to check the shaken woman is OK afterwards.

Hero stray dog saves an innocent woman from a street mugger.

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