Wild animal attacks are extremely rare. However, there are several techniques to help you survive attacks from several species of wildlife.

Know your area. Use a field guide and information from the local parks department to find out what wildlife lives in the area, and if any attacks have been recorded.
Bring supplies. Bells, pepper spray, a knife, a snake stick and extra clothing can help you fend off attacks.
Prevent an encounter by wearing a bell or other noisemaker to scare off any mountain lions that might be nearby.
Stand your ground. Mountain lions, like most cats, don’t want to attack prey that will fight back.
Make yourself scary by yelling, holding out extra clothing like wings, or climbing onto someone’s shoulders. If your hiking companion is smaller than you, hoist them onto your own shoulders.
Fight back by throwing rocks and spraying pepper spray if the mountain lion doesn’t back off.
Protect your neck if the cat attacks. Cross both arms behind your head to shield the back of your head and neck. Crunch your shoulders up around your ears to protect your neck and throat.

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